Date: Oct 8, 2011 12:45 AM
Author: Tom Carlisle
Subject: Re: Teacher looking for a good geometry textbook

I'm looking as references to either buy, rent, or borrow the Teacher's Keys for "Plane Geometry" (and also for the "Solid Geometry") by Welchons, Krickenberger, and Pearson (preferably the 1958 addition  although I am interested in any edition at this point) and I am also looking for the Teacher's Key for "A Course in Geometry: Plane and Solid" by Arthur W. Weeks and Jackson Adkins. These are listed as currently unavailable on Amazon, so if you know of a source for these books (any edition) or would want to communicate with me via the following email address about a personal copy of these books that you would be willing to sell, rent, or allow me to borrow for a period of time - it would be appreciated: