Date: Oct 20, 2011 2:30 PM
Author: Matt J
Subject: Re: Matrix dimensions must agree

"Halley" wrote in message <j7ph9f$gkc$>...
> I had actually been toying with that solution as I waited for responses when I ran across a new problem. With each iteration my values are not changing. As I mentioned, x(i) should become xnorm(i) and rho(i) should equal rho(i+1). I suspect that this is the problem, that somehow the order of the operations regarding rho is making it so that the relative error doesn't change. I have tried taking rho(i) out of the loop and calculating rho(1) but that did not seem to help either. I've been struggling with these problems for a few days so the help is really appreciated.


For these issues, it would be recommendable to get familiar with setting breakpoints and other MATLAB debugging tools, as the others have recommended.

In case it's useful, I gave someone a small demo of some of the debugging tools here: