Date: Nov 24, 2011 7:37 AM
Author: John Mahoney
Subject: [ap-calculus] Thanks to all 5600 members of the AP Calculus EDG


I would like to thank all of the rookie members who are comfortable posting questions that so many other new calculus teachers have. Often there is only one calculus teacher in each high school and this EDG serves as a way to connect us together. I would also like to thank all of the veteran teachers who promptly and courteously respond to postings.

Special thanks to:

*Annie Evans has done a terrific job establishing and maintaining the wiki ?Designated Deriver?

*Paul Ross has done an amazing job organizing and administering the AP Calculus Competition. 158 teams participated this Fall.

*Our friends at the Math Forum continue to maintain the archives of this list serve. Search for ?mathforum discussions? to see the other discussion groups or to search the 86,134 messages on 47,244 topics that are stored there.

*And, I personally want to thank Lin McMullin who seamlessly covers for me when I?m on vacation.

Next June the AP Calculus and AP Statistics Readings will be held during the same week in Kansas City. I?m looking forward to re-connecting with calculus readers there. My last calculus reading was in 2004.

Enjoy Thanksgiving,

John F. Mahoney
Moderator, AP Calculus EDG
Benjamin Banneker Academic HS
Washington, DC