Date: Dec 31, 2011 11:21 AM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Cashing in a game from my life. For my Nemo To get De Niro! Bob L. Petersen

Could you work with someone who was more than you. If you knew he could bring more "People to you also". I am leaning hard on this because of been blocked at all others. My people who couldn't work with somene. They include people saying they have surffer like me. No they haven't been on the street for 14 years. The could have been great.

I am surround now by a opposite. They never worked with anyone till they decided to streal something worthwhile. That is their ideal friend their leader. Now will safe it for us, forever!

I told Rodger Pardee in college (1974) you'd have to have your things that keep the center of your world in your world.

Characters for the growth of a thousand voices by variation. The Second Come One Come All.

Christmas and Old Good Guys

Bing Crosby Christmas I May Be To Do Bing. But Why Not Try To Help Bing. Is Bing Nice Or Hope's Net

Edward R. Morrow's 1958 Speech Set To Another Story. The Voice Is As His Was During WWII

Walter Winchell's Standard Driven Opening During His Career As A Radio News Announcer

United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim - From The Record Carried On Voyager Into Space

Morbius from The Forbidden Planet Played By Walter Pidgeon Is He Maybe Not The Problem?

WHAT STARTED THIS WHEN I WAS A KID - Progess Over Time Starting With Timing

Benny DJ Mutly Simple But Important Because Of When

Lurch From The Adam's Family Neat Petit Sweet

Paul Lynde Too many think they're funny TOO MANY

Savoir Faire The Smooth Enemy Of Klondike Kat?

Road Runner The Fastest Complete Impersonation

Mr. Christian A Quality Of Tone Used Sometimes By...

Burl Ivys Remeber You Must Not Laugh At Your Own Joke

Richard Burton Line Said While He's Holding A Sword

Ike's Voice With Why Tina Can Sing Like She Can

Lost In Space's Robot Line Warning Was Alot Of Fun

I Wanted This Character's Line In The Movie HELP

It wasn't John Wayne That Caught My Ear In This

The Beatles Get Back First Song Sung Done In Falseto

The Loin Sleeps Tonight Now A Source Of Fun Did It Blind

War By Edwin Star Uncanny Now With An Added Element

When I Can George Lucas 11:38 PM Winnie The Pooh

The Godfater I Really Did Want To Avoid All Of This

Conquistador By Procol Harum An Off Intonation

James Bond + Goldfinger No Mr. Bond I Want You To Die

Cat Stevens Popped Out Of Some Of What I Now Had

Is That Lurch ie Ted Cassity Listen What? Wooooo!</A>

Two Lines 5 Words Count Em 5 Words All From Mongo

Jesus Christ SuperStar Judas Then Come On Come All YES ALL I HAD THE RANGE TO START WITH

Now The Righteous Brothers Becuse I Can Now Switch

How Did Brigadier General Jack Ripper Go Insane

Hot Summer Days By It's A Beautiful Day ?Studio Voice?

All Night BW Movies The Treasure Of Sierra Madre

From Abbot and Costello Just Costello's - I'm a bad boy

Jack Benny Always But Peter Finch's Yell Made Rochester

Joey A persom speaking with only control of his Voice Box

Tommy Chong's Ear Ache My I Caught My Eye

I Saw John Hurt's Elephant Man After Joey I WANTED

NEWS REEL REPORTER'S Question for Albert Einstein

The Highlander's Kurgan Voice Is What I Call Course

Jim Varney Vern I See Your Probelm It's Right Here

W.C. Fields Brought Back By The Need Of A VOICE

Rod Steiger Was The New Voice I Found From W.C.

The Saint's Rade Serbedzija As Ivan Tretiak No Kilmer

Men In Black's Bugman Will Smith's Scream in the Tunnel

Captain Jack Sparrow's You Have Heard You Me Though

Junior Son of Sylvester A Voice For Joke I Wanted

Sylvester the Cat Came From Wanting To Have The Pair

Galaxy Quest I'm Not Tim Allen And You're Not Happy

">Bram Stroker Dracula done by CHANCE and NOTICED</A>

Donald Sutherland Sound In Animal House Starts A Script

The Freshman's Maximilian Schell Added To the Script

I Next Added Peter Lorre From The Maltese Falcon

I Added Walter Cronkite Back As The Anchor Needed

Luciano Pavarotti Over Joyed And Bashful About

">A Dracula Born Into Another History Another VOICE Too</A>

Dr. Strangelove Productions I'm Going To Need Females

Section On A New Sound

Clearing Thoart For Pacino Leads To Peter Finch AND THESE BELOW

Musical Remake Of War Of The Worlds - Richard Burton

Vincent Price In The Song Thriller By Michael Jackson

Emperor Of The North's A No.1 Voice Says That He Is

The Flight of the Phoenix Ian Bannens He knows what he's

A Voice Not Mine But All Mine None The Less Really

The Agony And The Ecstasy Pope Julius II - Rex Harrison

Pink Panther Peter Sellers Is Here Because The Dog Owes Peter Finch

Jack Palance Character From Barabbas Laughing

Thulsa Doom From Conon Whose World Is It?

Conan Beaten, It Was A Rough Day For Me, Too

Bob L. Petersen

I am now with a base voice 3 days to take a shot at From Independence Day Hello boys I'm Back. I blew the first try because my loose throat rattled. I could hit them as notes easily. But I want the sound to have that feel to. Yes, It should have the feeling. That the actor who's line before that was, "I pilot I fly". I'm back again as an actor. For his one really great line.

I started reading the book when I was a child. My father objected to the book. The Marine found out the story .couldn't be true from the Navy during WWII. I didn't no that at that age. A story he wanted to like, so bad probably. He liked another, he didn't get to laugh about that one either, later. He read the book later they made a movie out of it after the WAR.