Date: Jan 6, 2012 9:49 AM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: Internet access during exams

"Les Cargill" <> wrote in message
> Rune Allnor wrote:

Thanks to Rune for the heads-up.


> Usenet is faaaaar too slow for that....

Rune's message (which my newsreader indicates was posted at 5:40 PM
yesterday my time) received two responses (at least on CSSM; I haven't
checked if it received any that were posted solely to comp.dsp) within 40
minutes; posting a request for "help" at the very beginning of an exam and
coming back to that question at the end is possible.

I think with Rune's warning the gurus can be on the look out for posts that
seem like exam questions. The CSSM gurus are pretty good about spotting
homework questions; I'm guessing the comp.dsp gurus are as well. This will
be similar. When we see one, we can alert the rest of the community with a
message like "This sounds like an exam question, so I'm not going to answer
now; come back in six hours or so." as Eric suggested.

In addition, using Usenet for cheating by asking the exam question will
generally leave a fairly indelible trace with at least Google Groups (and in
the case of CSSM the MATLAB Central newsreader) and other sites archiving
posts for posterity. [Yes, I know there are ways around this, but those
aren't foolproof either.]

Finally, I'm curious to hear from Danish educators; the Google Translate
translation (which is actually pretty good) of the article indicates that
they've allowed this since 2008. Has cheating via Usenet newsgroups been a
big problem for your exams since then?

Steve Lord
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