Date: Aug 2, 1996 2:06 AM
Author: Dr. H.M.A. Winand
Subject: Integration

Dear All,

Any idea on how to solve this little brain teaser without having a
series-type solution?

Integrate[Exp[(-a^2 x^2)/2] Erf[k x], {x,y,Infinity}]

where a and k are real, y takes values from -Infinity to +Infinity, but is
generally within +/-3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and replies can also be e-mailed
to: Prof. D. J. Whitehouse, or to my address.

Best regards,

Dr. Henri M.A. Winand

P.S. If you wish to propagate this to other math-type newsgroups, etc.,
feel free to do so...both the hand-and-paper and Mathematica solutions
will not give us what we want!

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