Date: Aug 7, 1996 3:57 AM
Author: David E. Burmaster
Subject: More Constrained Min, non-linear

Dear MathGroup,

<> asked the question below, and
several fine answers have been posted.

I have a related question.... What if the constraint:

abs(x+y) = 1

is replaced by a new constaint:

abs(x+y) <= 1

How can one solve a problem like this in Mma?? Thank you for your help



>I'm not yet quite familiar with all Mathematica features
>(who is?) and I'm looking for a solution of a rather
>simple problem. I can easily solve it by hand but I
>wanna know how to do this with Mathematica. Here it is:
>Where is f(x,y)=x^2+y^2 minimal, if x and y are
>constrained to abs(x+y)=1 ?
>Is it possible to solve this without programming?
>Please answer via email, thanks in advance,

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