Date: Aug 7, 1996 3:59 AM
Author: Gianfranco Zosi
Subject: partial differential equations

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Israel Robles Lobato wrote:
> I want know all about the partial diferntial ecuations in mathematica.
> Someone, can help me?.

>>I'd recommend investing in Vvedensky's book "Partial Differential ..."

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May I add:

Differentialgleichungen mit Mathematica by
W. Strampp & V. Ganzha, published by
F. Vieweg & Sohn Verlag, Braunschweig, Germany
ISBN 3-528-06618-0, 1995

It contains a very useful 5th chapter on PDE of the 1st order;
chapter 6 is on PDE of the 2nd order

Also "Applied Mathematica" by W. Shaw and J. Tigg
(Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-54217-X)
contains some hints:
section 1.6 on PDE of the 1st order even though the solution
is rather incomplete; in fact Needs["calculus`PDESolve`"]
gives the general solution but the application od the Initial
Condition is far from trivial.
sections 5.7.1 is about Diffusion equation

See also Mathematica Technical Report
Guide to Standard M. packages Supplement Version 2.2
again, at pag 18, only the general solution.

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