Date: Aug 22, 1996 3:33 AM
Author: Ahmed Maarouf
Subject: Help: Professional vd student versions of Mma 2.2.3

Dear Mathgroupers:

Can somebody help me with the difference between the student and
the professional versions of Mma 2.2.3 for windows. Some people say they
are EXACTLY the same, others say that the student version doesn't have
the same capabilities as the professional one.

Another questions is about running Mma under windows 95. After
installing Mma 2.2.3, and upon the first run, it says that I have to
choose a protocol. I do so and start an evaluation. It starts and runs
for ever!, even to calculate 1+1. Moreover, I cannot interrupt it. Can
somebody help me with that please?

All my thanks in advance.