Date: Sep 13, 1996 1:16 PM
Author: Larry Smith
Subject: Vertical Lines (Boundaries)

After talking to Tech Support today I was able to get a short term fix for 
a problem that I have encountered.

Example: Plot the equation y=x^2 and show boundaries at x=1 and x=2
(vertical lines). Is there an easy way to do this?

The problem could also be asked where you need to use implicit plotting
ImplicitPlot[x=y^3,{x,0,3}] and have y horizontal lines at y=1 and y = 2.
Any suggestions?

So far I only have the following:

Show[Graphics[Line[{{1/2,-1,{1/2,8}}]], DisplayFunction -> Identity]

Plot[x^2,{x,0,2},DisplayFunction -> Identity]

Then combine the previous Out[] which in this case was Out[10] Graphics,
and Out[11] Graphics

Show[%10,%11, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction]

Larry Smith
601-939-8555 extension 255