Date: Sep 20, 1996 12:43 AM
Author: Roman Maeder
Subject: The Mathematica Programmer II

I am glad to announce the publication of "The Mathematica Programmer
This book is the second volume in the Mathematica Programmer series,
published by Academic Press.

The Mathematica Programmer WWW Site contains more information about
the book, including table of contents (reproduced below), samples, color
graphics, and an excerpt from the information included on the CD-ROM
that comes with every copy of the book. The CD-ROM includes also all
programs from both volumes, updated for Mathematica 3.0. Point your Web
browser at

Roman Maeder

Roman E. Maeder, The Mathematica Programmer II
Academic Press, 1996, ISBN 0-12-464992-0



About This Book
About the Programs
Notation and Terminology
The Mathematica Programmer CD-ROM
The Mathematica Programmer WWW Archive

Part 1: Paradigms of Programming

1 Introduction
2 Logic Programming
3 Higher-Order Functions
4 Combinatory Algebras
5 Turing Machines

Part 2: Visualization

6 Animated Algorithms
7 Function Iteration and Chaos
8 Fractional Brownian Motion
9 Uniform Polyhedra
10 The Stellated Icosahedra
11 Ray Tracing
12 Single-Image Stereograms

Index of Programs

Color Insert

CD-ROM: programs, notebooks, plus images from Vols I+II,
html-based navigation. Dual mode (Macintosh, Windows, Unix)

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