Date: Feb 27, 2012 2:46 PM
Author: Gian
Subject: Barycenter of 8 coordinates on world map

I have 8 coordinates on the world map and I need to find the coordinates of the barycenter of the figure they envelope, the 8 coordinates are these:
29º49'35.12"N 80º08'27"E
18º42'9.05"N 72º52'19.98"E
50º55'0.72"N 10º23'31.61"E
33º21'52"N 70º32'52"E
47º04'42"N 15º21'15" E
48º13'38"N 15º22'41"E
31°20'55.14"N 71°41'20.36"E
47°28'2.97"N 9°34'0.39"E
And I'm not good enough at maths to calculate it.