Date: Feb 29, 2012 6:22 AM
Subject: Re: Telepathy: the story of a synchronization, explained

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On Feb 28, 7:28 pm, Graham Cooper <> wrote:
> On Feb 29, 6:25 am, vtcapo <> wrote:

> > So Graham is a con. Go figure? Tell me if I?ve made the correct
> > adjustments to his number line analogy? The centerline being the
> > truth?

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> What is it you want? A gold star or a chest to wear it on?
> Notice how me trying to mediate between skeptics and believers with
> the goal of designing some experiments we can test online...
> resulted in denial and defamation based on the absence of volunteer
> testers and story telling!
> Herc

Graham to be honest, where are we going with this? Your tests will
prove nothing. A true psychic would never participate in these tests
because they have nothing to prove. They are already in the know.

Remote viewing is different. It relies on protocols and is more in
line with your methodology. Although psychics were recruited or should
I say asked to join in remote viewing the best of the best were not
interested. This was the case in the UK and I would suspect in the US
and USSR. Why, because doing the dirty work for the MIC is not
something they wanted recorded in the Aether.


I can remote view, tell you your fortune, read your mind, or answer a
question blind.

You can ask me what will happen at 12:23pm tomorrow if you want.


And like I said, or should I say, what the psychic said, everything is
recorded, all your thoughts, words and deeds.


No it's not, you didn't read any of my links. god has no grey matter of his

I can tell you what Madonna had for lunch on her 21ST birthday because the
information is still alive somewhere.

But I can't tell you what Julius Caesar had on his 21St. There are no
recordings left. It's no longer part of the Universe.


It?s bad Karma.

PS If you get roughed up occasionally it goes with the territory.
Don?t take it personal. I never do. Just brush yourself off and move

I intend to!