Date: Mar 14, 2012 3:04 PM
Author: Frantel, Phyllis
Subject: RE: consumer math textbook

And you notice we haven't heard a word about the economics class since our meeting

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Subject: RE: consumer math textbook

We use Practical Math for Consumers by Globe Fearon (Pearson) which is a little old (2004) so some of the figures are outdated, but it covers over half of our course. Units are: budgeting, paychecks, banking and saving, cash or credit, housing, buying and preparing food, buying personal items, owning a vehicle, and recreation, travel, and entertainment. We also ordered a class set which comes with supplementary materials.

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Subject: consumer math textbook

We are offering a Consumer Math course next year for the first time in years. We need to choose a textbook very quickly. Does anyone have a text they could recommend?

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