Date: Mar 23, 2012 12:13 PM
Author: israeliteknight
Subject: Re: Appeal For Intellectual Integrity

"The Prime Directive of the Education Mafia is to reduce "The Gap", grade inflation is a natural consequent. Grade inflation is an inevitable, ineluctable, inescapable consequent of The Prime Directive. Grade inflation is entirely the outcome of Education Mafia policy and practice."

In pursuit of narrowing the gap, and spending an EXTRA $12 TRILLION in the process for education, the internet and the MSM are replete with all kinds of stories about how much better Blacks are doing relative to Whites (and Asians). So we go back and look at NAEP math scores themselves, which we already know have been subject to the same "pressure" which caused TEACHERS all the way from Beverly Hall's gang in Atlanta, to Washington, DC, to New Jersey, and now to Philadelphia, to engage in grade inflation [read: cheating], and what do we find?

1990 NAEP math score
White 270
Asian 275
Black 237

2009 NAEP math score
White 293
Asian 301
Black 261

Delta in gap between 1990 and 2009, the years during which we the sheeple are supposed to believe that all kinds of great things happened in American education

Black-White -1 point
Black-Asian PLUS 2 points

This is AFTER known advocates (and admitted LIARS) have massaged the data, have claimed that math scores of Whites increased 23 points while NO other test shows such an improvement in math skills, and AFTER other testing agencies have opened up their databases to the public while NAEP remains more secretive than the mafia.

A 1 point DECREASE in the gap between Whites and Blacks is less than the standard error, so it is statistically insignificant. ALSO, so is the 2 point INCREASE in the gap between Blacks and Asians.

Was the EXTRA $12 TRILLION a complete and total loss? Of course not. It enabled the education mafia to attain most if not all of its major goals (one of which certainly was not to improve American Blacks in any way whatsoever).