Date: Apr 6, 2012 11:26 AM
Author: Ben Claar
Subject: Trying to find a teaching kids math video I liked

I'm trying to re-find a great math talk I liked.

It was a college-aged guy, modern video -- in it he said we need to be teaching kids math differently (yeah, yeah, I know).

In the video, he shows many geometry examples -- finding the area of a shape by slicing it in certain ways and reasoning about the two sides, using symmetry to reason about a shape's properties, etc.

His (obvious) point was that forcing kids to work with numbers and formulas without letting them use their minds to reason about math doesn't let them get excited about reasoning through the problems.

One phrase I remember is something close to, "If I find myself thinking about triangles, and I often do, ..."

If anyone knows this talk and could post/send me a link, I'd appreciate it!