Date: Apr 10, 2012 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: SONNTAG! Symmetries of Nature 'n' Truth about Gravity(& Planck Units).

The Rydberg mass is twice the Rydberg frequency, 6.579683898x10^15, multiplied by the Planck mass, 2.72833727x10^-8kg, and equalling 1.7951598x10^8kg. The Rydberg Gm product is the Rydberg mass multiplied by G.  1.7951598x10^8kg/(c/2) is 1.197601688.  The Planck frequency of one second, the number of Planck lengths in one light second, multiplied by h, gives an energy of 2.4521007252x10^9 J.  Divide by c^2 to find the particular mass whose energy this is and we find the Planck mass, again. Twice the Rydberg energy, 4.359248332x10^-18 J, divided by c^2 gives us a selected mass of 4.85087422x10^-35kg. Divide this by the Planck radius, 4.05049049x10^-35m, and we get 1.197601688, the ratio between (c/2) and the Rydberg mass.  Divide 4.85087422x10^-35 by the Planck mass and we get 1.777959882x10^-27.  The reciprocal of this number is 5.6244239x10^26, the ratio beween the Gm product of the kilogram-second, 6.736x10^24 and the Rydberg Gm product, 1.197633931x10^-2. 

The impression given here is of a proton behaving as if its mass was 10^35 times heavier than it is. This takes us back to the Kaluza-Klein idea of a proton nucleus as a tiny fifth dimensional sphere, cut off from the rest of space-time except when it comes into contact with the wave structure of an electron, or another proton. The only force that acts on the rest of the world, lock, stock and barrel, is gravity. Gravity is the big drainage system that is seen in our time and our dimension. The other forces are spirited away there in the Kaluza-Klein Other World of fifth dimensionality. How about Kaluza-Klein-Rydberg? Gravity is the space-time leftovers of the other forces where compacted in their high energy relativistic states within their Kaluza-Klein nucleus they are all powerful. Once released from their grip the state of
things revert to gravity. This might be the answer to those missing gravity waves; they are all electromagnetic waves because they are all and one the same thing operating in two different but very close places.