Date: Apr 11, 2012 10:09 PM
Author: Alex
Subject: Re: automatically update editbox of one GUI with contents entered in 2nd GUI

Thanks Matthew, I think your suggestion about listeners is what I am looking for, however I am not familiar with listeners, and "help listener" doesn't return any results .  Could you give me a brief example of code that would utilize listeners with respect to my problem?

"Matthew" wrote in message <jm5cit$cdg$>...
> you can use guidata:
> However, the way I've approached this problem in the past is to write all of my processing code into a handle object. The GUI takes the handle to the object and registers listeners on any properties and events that it cares about with proper callbacks to deal with the change in data. So instead of having to write one GUI to talk to the other, you just write each GUI to update the base object and update itself when something it cares about in the base object changes.