Date: Apr 13, 2012 7:17 PM
Author: Brad Cooper
Subject: Re: system command in MuPAD

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>> In MuPAD 4.0 running under Win XP version 2002 SP 3
>> I try...
>> sysname()
>> "MSDOS" (as expected)
>> system("date/t > comm_file")
>> 1
>> (error code=1, no file produced)
>> !date/t > comm_file
>> (noerror code[silent], no file produced)
>> I need to obtain the date from the system.
>> The docs say...
>> If not available, a call to "system" results in the following error
>> message:
>> Error: Function not available for this client [system].

> This may be for a slightly newer version of MuPAD than you're using, but
> here's the documentation for the version of MuPAD included with the most
> recent release of Symbolic Math Toolbox:
> By the way, unless ! has changed significantly, the fact that ! didn't
> display an error code is expected. From the page above:
> "!command is equivalent to system("command"):; note that !command will
> suppress output of its return value."

>> I don't get an error message, so it would seem "system" is available. Has
>> "system" been implemented for Win XP?

> Let's determine whether the problem is likely in the system's execution of
> the command, the interface between MuPAD and the system, or inside MuPAD.
> First, what happens when you execute that command at a command prompt
> started from Programs in the Start Menu? If you receive an error there,
> that would seem to indicate the problem lies in the system's execution of
> the command, independent of MuPAD.

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.

The "system" command documentation in your link is exactly the same as in
the MuPAD 4.0 that I have.

I am aware that ! suppresses output. That is why I wrote...

> !date/t > comm_file
> (no error code [silent], no file produced)

with the notation [silent] as shown.

I had checked that DATE/T works at the DOS command prompt. It is not
sensitive to case.

Can you please try it on a Windows O/S and see if it works for you.


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