Date: May 5, 2012 4:16 AM
Author: James Stein
Subject: Question about Initialization Cells

I downloaded the source code for a Wolfram Demonstrations Project; this one:

The first three cells, all initialization cells, each contain a simple
one-liner, for example:
dist[p1_, p2_] := Norm[p1 - p2]
When I evaluate any of these cells, it appears to define the function, but
when I try (in a second, new notebook window) to evaluate the function
(e.g., to evaluate "dist[4.5]}), the function is undefined. It is blue i
the second window, even though it is black in the first window.

But If I type "dist[4,5]" in the demonstration project window itself, all
works as expected.

The demo project does not appear to be a package; 'dist' does not seem to
be private. What am I missing?