Date: May 24, 2012 10:29 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Rough Draft Electron Collision With Neutron Positronium Bob L. Petersen


The electron will at first react as if though it ?REACTING? with a negatively charged ?Particle? at High energies it will at as though it was a positively charged particle.

Coulomb Barrier

An Electron colliding with a Neutron with more than enough energy to pass through the Coulomb Barrier will ?React? as though collided with a negatively charged ?Particle?. With the energy of Electron increasing this will continue till the Electron will ?React? as though collided with a positively charged ?Particle?.

The first thought I took note of back then was that the level within the neutron it got to determines the what it will be ?Reacting? through out it's exiting.

????? propagation ?????? Has a big part this how much more. OUCH???

This time with ?STRUCTURE? being of interest Neutron's ?STRUCTURE? was of most interest. I stepped out lightly. There should be at least a ?NEAR HALF A WAVELENGTH STRUCTURE? in between the two, whether observeable or not. ?STRUCTURE? already includes that ?ELECTRIC FIELDS? have ?STRUCTURAL? ?ELEMENTS? that cause the ?REACTIONS?.


????? propagation ?????? Has a big part this how much more.

Now I may have now THREE ?WHATS?? in the ?NEUTRON?. The ?LOCK? also comes into question here because it is propagation an action that is causing the other two. The ?LOCK? causes ?COULOMB BARRIER? by it's ?INTERACTION? with ?SPACE?. The ?LOCK'S? ?POSITIVE ELECTRIC FIELDS? and the ?ELECTRON'S? ?NEGATIVE ELECTRIC FIELDS? cause what looks to be ?COULOMB BALANCER?.


I bring out something n should now bring out something now that I've known for 1 1/2 years. But, I have not thought through anything about it. (It is good to be able to just leave something set if things aren't right.) It's Positronium's ?POSITRON?. Just by what happens it is not the exactly the ?ELECTRONS? ?ANTI-PARTICLE? This is the second positively charged particle that can have a negative revolving around it. That is the most major symmetry break. Because this has to do with stable particles. (The two amoung the strrange Particle must be kept in mind though. (The first ?ELEMENT? is time and the upper ?FOLDED? is mass.) One ?ELEMENT? of the stables should have a symmetry break. My BIG BANG requires it, both or why not the other. ?SPACE? must hold the key to this, it has to. ?PARTS? says that makes this the tightest or compact system. That means that the ?NEGATIVE FIELD? may only point toward the ?LOCK?. For right now, ?PARTS? says that might be part of it. Try think that it has to be unrelated. There are many ?Parts?.

There are still several point to cover in that belong with that paragraph. It should grow to two or three paragraphs. I opened this part up so I decided to post this, raw. There should be a page on ?PARTS? posted soon.

Bob L. Petersen