Date: Jun 1, 2012 4:33 PM
Author: Anna Roys
Subject: Re: How Bad it Is


Thank you for finding my comments refreshing.

I do think that working for mastery is a very honorable goal - so working
to become an above average school is an idea which should be commended.
This philosopy often gets students and parents annoyed with me as I often,
have students re-do assignments and they do not at first understand why I
insist on it. They say, "I already did my work why do I have to do it
again? I did my best." I do not mean to suggest that they did not do their
best work at the time, just that it can be improved. I tell them, "So now
that you know what you did wrong - fix it." I try to nurture a new thinking
disposition in my students - that working for excellence and achieving it
is a valuable gift that we can only give to ourselves.


On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 8:04 AM, Gary Tupper <> wrote:

> Anna:
> Your comments are most refreshing. I would surmise that as you read the
> missives of this list you likely feel you have fallen through the Alice in
> Wonderland hole & emerged into a weird nether-land where the sky is purple
> & many moons are in the perpetual heavens. A land fraught with danger -
> mafiosi, Ayatollahs, fraudsters and other assorted rascals. "Be afraid - be
> very afraid!"
> .