Date: Jun 22, 2012 2:44 AM
Author: ahum
Subject: books or courses with mathematical proofs


At this moment I'm studying IT(programming)in eveningschool. I will obtain a limited degree (one could compare it to a bachelor, but it isn't). This could lead to a full bachelor degree at a university.
I would like to refresh my mathematical skills trough selfstudy, I would like to study my highschool maths but have trouble finding books or courses which contain the full proofs of the subjects. I have found many excellent books on algebra, calculus, geometry and others, but it is al applied, and no mathematical proofs whatsoever. And I really want these proofs, because I want to fully grasp and understand what I'm doing (which sounds obvious).
Can you help me find the courses or books I need? I'm of course prepared to pay the price for books needed to increase my knowledge and skills.
Thanks in advance

Best Regards