Date: Jul 5, 2012 2:40 PM
Author: Ruth Radetsky
Subject: [ap-stat] begging:  POD 1st edition or YMM, Northern California

If anyone has any copies of the first edition of Yates, Moore, McCabe  
or POD first edition languishing in your bookroom, I could really use
them! I could pay shipping, or, if it's easier, come pick them up if
they are within about two or three hours of San Francisco.

(I've used YMM as my primary text, supplementing with a classroom set
of POD for regression for non-linear data and for inference for
chi-squared procedures. My program is growing, and some books have
gone missing. I'd like at least 10 YMM, but have a planned use for up
to about 120. I'd really like enough PODs (35 more) to hand them out
as well.)

Yes, it's shameful that I'm using books that are so old. However, my
students have been doing well, so it's been hard to make a case that I
need $7000 worth of new textbooks and materials. I do supplement with
lots of current event data, so I can keep my examples topical and

Thanks for any help!

Ruth Radetsky
Math and Statistics Teacher
Balboa High School
San Francisco,CA

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