Date: Jul 22, 2012 7:37 AM
Author: Aravind Narayan
Subject: Perimeter of Elliptical Arc (Arc Length) a Geometric Method

I would like to present to you my article detailing a geometric method to calculate the Arc length of an Elliptical Arc. This method is unique as given the coordinates of the end points of an Elliptical Arc segment; it can calculate the Arc length of any Elliptical Arc segment within a quadrant Arc of the Ellipse. Also the proposed method is a geometric one arrived at through experimentation.  The current known methods for determining the Arc length of the Ellipse is through Numerical Solution of the Elliptical Integral of the Second Kind. 
Although a number of approximations are available for the Circumference of the Ellipse an approximation for any given arc segment of the Ellipse is currently not known. This paper presents such a result however as a geometric method of transforming the Elliptical Arc to a Circular Arc, maintaining the Arc length invariant during the transformation.
I therefor request interested professionals to review my method and its potentiality,

Hoping for a positive feedback


Aravind Narayan