Date: Aug 1, 2012 7:57 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Cashing in a game from my life. Google hasnt added new George Lucas

Cashing in a game from my life. Google hasnt added new George Lucas

George Lucas

Kenny Loggins song was the last song I sung before the mono. The sppace between my chin and adamm,s apple was then to close. I will during the mono have just a trace oof a dry voice. (I am ttrying not to move any thhing in there.) Who? Who knows of the list of dry tricks? Who is still JUST USING DIRTY TRICK? That problem lead to being able to do Cat Stephens. Which would have lead to Wolfman Jack which I am doiing here. I had and will still ery to have 3 cubes in a pop or water no popcycles. I know how he got to where he could.

When I Can George Lucas 11:38 PM Winnie The Pooh

I have said I will sue you for $10M. Thay I believed it would not cost you a cent and that I have no problem with that.

They have laughed here saying did it reeally save your life. Crippled and living in the street and the law meaning nothing to anyone really!

All here are Barred for that reason. Still wanting to claim it at my expense. It's advice to other have cost everyone. No straight play, it just cheats.

A school iss a place this kind of actiions can used.

Also they would just as soon let anyone else screw me. Right up to your door. I am not to be allowed to say how screwed around I was.

Bob L. Petersn