Date: Aug 14, 2012 8:44 AM
Author: jim
Subject: [ap-stat] AP Statistics Teacher Community

This ap-stat EDG will be closing in the next few weeks. Please sign up for the new AP Statistics Teacher
Community Forum at and post messages there.
Thanks to the 721 of you who have signed up for the AP Statistics Teacher forum in the past 4 days.
Many messages and replies have already been posted there and I would encourage the remaining 3618 to
signup at the new site.

We are still the same helpful, easy-going Community, we are just changing the place where we gather,
that's all.

If you have a new question, or topic, please would you post it there rather than to this list which
is on its last legs :-)

The URL for the Community is

Let's keep postings to this EDG confined to replies to questions previously posted here and for
questions relating to any difficulties you might have with logins to the new Forum.

Many thanks

ap-stat moderator

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