Date: Aug 15, 2012 10:09 PM
Author: Evan Romer
Subject: PowerBall Simulator

This is a pretty convincing argument not to play the lottery:

It lets you play the PowerBall lottery twice a week for 50 years in
about a minute. In my latest attempt, I spent $10,400 and won $744,
for a net loss of $9,656. My previous attempts came out about the same.

You can play for 1 year, 10 years, ... 50 years or continuously. You
can choose your numbers or use Quick Pick. You can have it run slowly,
medium or fast. I think it uses today's actual jackpot as the jackpot.
You can play the regular lottery or PowerPlay. (I had to go to
Wikipedia to learn what PowerPlay was.)

The FAQ is pretty good. My favorite:

> I have run the simulator for hours but still not hit the jackpot.
> If you leave the simulator running 24/7 at max speed, you should
> hit the jackpot about once every 20 days. Playing the real lottery,
> you would win the jackpot once every 1,684,000 years on average.

I imagine this could be a good way to stimulate discussion, or
introduce a topic, ... ?

Evan Romer
Susquehanna Valley HS
Conklin NY

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