Date: Aug 16, 2012 3:06 PM
Author: trynix
Subject: Question Going for Graduate diploma - what books to get :)

Dear all,

I'm pretty novice in Stats, and would like to work on my skills by going for the Graduate Diploma offered by the Royal Statistics Society.

The Diploma requries completion of 5 modules, to which they have lists of recommended books. Now, they do not ask for people to get all the books, but rather select the few that'll fulfill the study requirements.

To that reason, I come to you for assistance on which books you recommend

The modules are:
Probability distribution:
Statistical Inference:
Stochastic processeses and time series:
Modelling experimental data:
Topic in applied statistics:

A volume set that is referred to in those readin lists is the the Kendal and Stuart volumes on Advanced Theory of Statistics. Will those volumes also suffice?

Deeply appreciate all input Thank you.