Date: Aug 23, 2012 12:15 AM
Author: Steven Fontaine
Subject: Equation for Line Segment

So, I've been searching through the internet looking for a place to put this, and I found this.. Basically, I've come up with a (new to me) way to graph a line segment other than using the cheaty way with inequalities. Given a starting point (A,B) and an ending point (C,D), using this equation, you can graph a line segment. Anyway, here's the equation.. (m is the slope of the line equal to (D-B)/(C-A))

This works on the idea that you cannot graph imaginary numbers, and makes any points less than your starting point or greater than your ending point imaginary. Again, I'm not sure if this equation has been found before this, but I just thought I'd put this out there..