Date: Sep 9, 2012 9:45 PM
Author: Paul A. Tanner III
Subject: Re: Who Are The Education Mafia

On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 9:27 PM, Robert Hansen <> wrote:
> On Sep 9, 2012, at 6:34 PM, Wayne Bishop <> wrote:
> In spite of your perspective, mathematical economics is mathematics as you
> pointed out. Its connection to the real economics of the world, however, is
> an entirely different matter. Trusting it as anything more is closer to
> religion than science.
> This will fly over Paul's head. He will call you a conservative science
> denier.
> Bob Hansen

Actually his code language above is in fact the type of code language used by conservative science deniers, whether it's the denial of evolutionary science, denial of climate science (more than 3/4 of the summer ice volume and roughly 1/3 of even the winter ice volume of the entire Arctic has melted over just the last 30 years, and conservatives are still in utter denial), denial of epidemiological science, or denial of mathematical economics or econometrics, which is is mathematical economics in action in the real world.

To call any science including these a religion because one's conservative political or religious ideology says so is, well, consider: