Date: Sep 13, 2012 7:10 PM
Author: jim
Subject: [ap-stat] A tip to make your Teacher Community replies as easy as it was on the EDG

This ap-stat EDG will be closing in the next few weeks. Please sign up for the new AP Statistics Teacher
Community Forum at and post messages there.
With Tim Averill's permission, I would like to share this message he posted to ap-english. Tim is
the moderator of the ap-english EDG, which, with 8000 subscribers is AP's busiest list.

Tim needs a really efficient way of reading and replying to messages during his busy day as
department head. This tip seems to make reading and replying to messages on the new community as
easy as he found it on the EDG.

I thought it might be helpful to you all.

---Tim's message - "Loving the new AP English Community" ------------

"Dear AP English Subscribers,

As the EDG winds down, let me tell you that I am really pleased with the "conversion experience"
that many of us are having with the community. I have chosen to read all the postings as an email
digest each day. When I see something that needs action ( a response, a correction, or a deletion as
inappropriate), I click on that item. Since I sign in early each day to the AP English Community and
am already logged in, I am taken directly to that post. For example, today I posted my own practice
strategy for multiple choice (which incidentally makes a great self-contained substitute lesson
plan). Take a look. Become a member.


Best wishes


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