Date: Sep 17, 2012 12:22 AM
Author: Chris Arthur
Subject: Re: Export

Can you use StringForm?  Make all the entries strings before export.  That
way you can use AccountingForm or NumberForm also to set the look of
each entry. Then you can probably cut and paste.


Adel Elsabbagh a écrit :
> Dear friends,
> I am trying to export a 30*30 matrix (M) with entries function in x and y
> to a txt file in order to use it by another program. I am using:
> Export["filename.txt",M]. I have two problems:
> 1. I want to reduce the precision of the coefficients of x & y. When I use
> N[M,n] or SetPrecision[M,n], the precision is reduced within the Notebook
> but not in the exported file. How to reduce the precision in the exported
> file?
> 2. Some entries look like "5*x + 3*y", which leaves spaces around the plus
> or minus signs. Is there a way to tell Mathematica not leave these spaces
> because the other program assumes that this is a new column?
> I also tried to write M//InputForm and just copy and past it, but I get a
> lot of expressions such as 1.935*^-6 which the other software cannot
> understand. Is there a way to write it in the form: 1.935e-6?
> Thanks in advance