Date: Sep 24, 2012 9:37 PM
Author: Phillip
Subject: xPC Will Not Create Boot CD Image


From xPC Target Explorer I have configured the target communications, settings etc and clicked "Create CD Boot Image". A screen flashes up briefly saying please wait, the red progress bar does it's thing, but when I look in the image location there is nothing.

I have tried using the Matlab command line instruction "xpcbootdisk". It reports:
"Current boot mode: CDBoot"
"CD boot image is successfully created"

But I still cannot find the image.

I have changed directories (current & image location) to remove any spaces etc. I have searched the PC incase the image has been relocated. I have also tried creating "DOS Loader", and THIS WORKS - creating the 3 files in the same directory as specified for the CD image!

Matlab Version: R2012a
xPC Target Version: 5.2
OS: Windows XP Professional

Any help is greatly appreciated!