Date: Sep 28, 2012 3:46 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: The Elements Of The Forces Using ?Parts? For A Look At Space Bob L Petersen

The First Look At ?Lifting? The ?Elements? Of The ?Forces? Using ?Parts? For A Look At ?Space's? ?Elements?

Bob L. Petersen


The idea that started will bring about the bringing together of all the ?Elements? is old. I was searching for muchless. Like the what I believe and the Math will change. But only to allow any or more possiblities. That was the most primative part of my work. I, at that time used a critical eye on. There was one ?Part? added at that time. Together with the Weak Field ?Space? ?Parts? the grand stepping toward inclusive loop will. What has not been written of in this is very old. It was beyond what I could have hoped.

The last thing search was the reason I was the last. It was the Electro-Magnetic Wave. The question of the ?Lacing?, possible ?Holes? and move of power antenna the worst question over such wide range of energies. One ?Part? or Idea came out through all this. That the energy beyond the antenna was release into space by the ?Absorbsion? energy below that point. The Weak Field ?Parts? idea matched here.

I had never like the of the name Electro-Magnetic Force or considering of them together. In part because there is only a right handedness that really indicates they are both there in a Electro-Magnetic Wave. There is also an equation that now seems to be in error that I will have to find oout what we do not know. I now am very happy that they named it that way.

Here I am adding another Force's ?Parts?. This lead to the question, could what more possibly could be present there. What became the ?Parts? of the ?Electron? the smallest ?Space? ?Fitting? ?Particle? included possible ?Strong Field? along with the ?Lock?. That is what started the next things to be consided.

Now this ?Fits? as ?Elements? what ?Effects? now ?Fit?. Can there be something close to a ?Full Set??? (I am still just seeing things from this consideration?)

This is old and is part of what was considered back then, Energy and Momentum. That consideration wasnot about the Electro-Magnetic Wave. The ?Lock? placed at that point would give momentum to the action with out any ?Weight? to the Electro-Magnetic Wave's energy. I had been tryiing to find something to lead me to considering it earlier as ?Controling? the Electro-Magnetic Wave. A ?Linear Lock? What could be left?

Something recent came to mind from this thought. A ?Linear Lock Key? ?Fit? Neutrino. I had considered line to be added to my main Particle Chart including Line about Electro-Magnetic Wave's at different energies. This time something about Tesla's Long Electro-Magnetic Waves of Low Energy. There are Certain Free Weak Field ?Elements? that will allow a Electro-Magnetic Wave pass through water and not solids. In air too? That should be left to be checked. The relationship I was considering was a Photo as Linear Vector and the Neutrinos as Scalar.

The page for some of my charts and more information. Yes, there is a poetic outline for poem about how came to be able to.

Conclusion. just this for now.

The Electron I considered to be in a Totally ?fitting?
relationshhip with ?Space?.

I am planning use this part as the opening part of presentation on ?Parts?. With the original ?Definition? leading into it. I now consider everything I thought before up for reconsideration against the Model as it now stands.

Bob Look at a Big Bang With Inside Version

I left out Electro-Magnetic Forces out till ready to post. I also call the wave a Photon. I meant to post it with Electro-Magnetic Wave. They are still playiing like they were in Star Wars here. They have brought out a vilian they could handle. Me no I caan never be talked to by anyone.

Ask Rodger Paardee But what ever you do don't ask about my dead daughter or her mother who they used.

So Help Me God!

Bob L. Petersen