Date: Sep 30, 2012 8:22 AM
Author: jim
Subject: [ap-stat] Final message: The ap-stat EDG is now closed.

This ap-stat EDG will be closing in the next few weeks. Please sign up for the new AP Statistics Teacher
Community Forum at and post messages there.
My final message to ap-stat is to say that the EDG version of ap-stat is
now closed for new subscriptions and postings.

Any messages sent to the address
will NOT be posted and no replies or acknowledgements will be sent.

Please visit to
participate in the new AP Teacher Community for the AP Statistics Course

The AP Biology Teacher community now has more members than it had when it was an EDG, and
hopefully this will soon be true for the AP Statistics Teacher Community.

To learn more about logging on to the new Communities please see the instructions at:

When you sign up for the new AP Statistics Teacher Community and go to
"Preferences" in the upper right you can choose to get notices for every
posting or a daily digest for all the discussion threads.
To do this, click on Statistics on the left under Email Notifications and
choose from the options given on the right

The ap-stat archives will continue to be available indefinitely
at the Math Forum at Drexel University:

Finally, my profound thanks to all of you for making this such a friendly list, one that
has always been supportive of each other's difficulties and triumphs. I have no doubt that
this will continue to be a hallmark of the AP Statistics Teacher Community

Best wishes


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