Date: Oct 2, 2012 2:11 PM
Author: Paul A. Tanner III
Subject: Re: US teachers are overworked and underpaid

As what I cited shows, the average US schoolteacher has to perform roughly 50% more teaching hours per year than the average schoolteacher of the entire OECD:

Quote: "American teachers spend on average 1,080 hours teaching each year. Across the O.E.C.D., the average is 794 hours on primary education, 709 hours on lower secondary education, and 653 hours on upper secondary education general programs."

For the average schoolteacher in Japan, Finland, and Korea, three of the world's highest scoring countries on recent international tests, the number of teaching hours per year are only about 600, 600, and 550 respectively, roughly only half the teaching load of the average American schoolteacher. For France, which scored highest in the world in TIMSS Advanced with a coverage index of roughly 20% when it participated back in 1995, that number is roughly only 620 teaching hours per year.

What you write below has nothing to do with why this is.

On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 12:49 PM, Wayne Bishop <> wrote:
> That 800 pound gorilla, in this case, is teacher preparation and the public
> school environment. Genuine, consistent academic preparation after
> competitive and quality selection of prospective professional education
> personnel without a plethora of really worthless education courses working
> in a school environment where such is respected by students, parents, and
> administrators and the industry would get much more respect and this would
> be reflected in tangible ways as well. Ain't gonna happen.