Date: Oct 3, 2012 1:55 AM
Author: Wayne Bishop
Subject: Re: An Algebra 2 Test

I'd be quite happy, thanks.  Moreover, I am afraid that this set of 
exams is going to be undercut by the "new" so-called authentic ones
following the national standards (that have been around for decades
as God's gift to US public education).


At 03:19 AM 10/2/2012, Robert Hansen wrote:
>So here are released problems from the California CST Algebra 2 exam...

> >From the standpoint of skills, these problems have good coverage. Namely...
>Polynomial Arithmetic
>Factoring and Simplification
>Simultaneous Equations
>Conic Sections
>Binomial Expansion
>Logs and Exponents
>Absolute Value and Radicals
>Complex Numbers
>But from the standpoint of problems, this exam has hardly any and of
>the few problems it does have, they are just direct adaptations of
>the skills. For example, restating a simultaneous equation directly
>into words...
>"For a wedding, Shereda bought several dozen roses and several dozen
>carnations. The roses cost $15 per dozen, and the carnations cost $8
>per dozen. Shereda bought a total of 17 dozen flowers and paid a
>total of $192. How many roses did she buy?"
>The SAT and ACT have better questions than this. Skills are
>important, they go with the territory, but this test doesn't even
>hint at the territory. This test does not embody the algebraic nor
>mathematical reasoning which is required to apply in a context that
>uses it, like physics.
>How many of you, if it were your own son or daughter, would stop at
>this skill based exam?
>Bob Hansen