Date: Oct 4, 2012 9:38 AM
Author: Milo Gardner
Subject: Re: Why study Egyptian fraction math?

MIDDLE KINGDOM MATH: After 2050 BCE Egyptian Middle Kingdom (MK) math system was written in hieratic script, a fresh notation system that solved secular math problems. Hieratic numerals were mapped one-to-one onto sound symbols. The new Egyptian fraction system was finite. Hieratic math published new numeration and a new arithmetic systems that were developed in the OK. The ciphered numeration system solved arithmetic, algebra, algebraic geometry, and weights and measure that corrected OK binary round-off errors representations of rational numbers whenever possible. Hieratic geometry problems corrected round-off errors that added back missing OK 1/64 units. MK scribes replaced radius R by semi-diameter D/2, and pi by 256/81 in area and cylinder volume problems and 1/64 and 1/320 hekat units. Round-off errors seemed uncorrected related to the poor pi approximation* (3.16). In other cases MK arithmetic, algebraic geometry and weights and measures methods exactly scaled hekat units (of grain) and smaller 1/320 units of beer, bread, domesticated fowl, and grain based wage payments.