Date: Oct 8, 2012 10:49 PM
Author: Haim
Subject: Re: An Algebra 2 Test

Peter Duveen Posted: Oct 8, 2012 2:39 PM 

>Well, Robert, the riff raff who are not going to be
>engineers or scientists really don't count, when it
>comes to "national security" [securing the nation for
>the benefit of the few at the expense of the many]. I
>would like to call attention to a recent report by the
>Council on Foreign Relations,
>Education is now a national security issue, so some
>people will just have to become engineers/scientists,
>whether they like it or not.


It is not often I see a note like yours. There are plenty of notes I agree with, plenty of notes I disagree with, but not often do I see a note that I do not understand at all.

Do you really think of non-engineers and non-scientists ("NENS") as riff raff? Or are you suggesting someone else does? If so, who? I have never heard anyone call NENS riff raff.

And what do you mean by "national security" (your scare quotes)? I have heard of a political economy organized for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many (eg, the nomenklatura that exists in every socialist regime, a class of people so elite they even have their own hospitals), but what does that mean in the context of "national security"?

Finally, you seem unhappy about the Council on Foreign Relation's reason for wanting an effective education system. The CFR want a good school system for reasons of national security (as that concept is commonly understood). Perhaps you prefer a good school system for economic reasons? (So that people can be productive, and thereby benefit themselves and their neighbors.) Do you have your own reasons for desiring an effective school system? Or do you feel an effective school system is a threat to the social system you desire?

Some years ago, the mother of one of my son's little league team mates, a lawyer (I live in The People's Republic of Brooklyn), plainly stated to me her view that the math and science curriculum was a conspiracy by George Bush and the Republican Party to nurture scientists and engineers for their missile programs and to serve other military-industrial purposes.

Is this your view, Peter? Or perhaps you agree with Paul that the American school system is already the best in the world, so the CFR must be up to no good by asserting that American schools have collapsed?

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