Date: Oct 12, 2012 11:03 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: US teachers are overworked and underpaid

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> > Paul A. Tanner III posted Oct 12, 2012 9:48 AM:
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> >> > The 'Education Debate':
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> >> > Paul A. Tanner III (and others on his side of

> the
> >> debate) claim that US teachers - comparing them
> with
> >> teachers in Japan, Finland, etc - are severely
> >> overworked and hugely underpaid.

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> >> Please do let those who deny fact and make false
> >> claims confuse you.
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> >> See again these posts...

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> You do mean "Please DON'T let those ...", don't
> you?
> Of course, yes. I dropped the "not" and see that post
> again
> and you will see that I fixed that.

Thank you
> Fact is stubborn and irrefutable and demands to be
> taken seriously,
> and some just can't handle fact contradicting their
> beliefs.

Indeed. This is a very common failing of ours (human beings generally). See, for instance, the whole history of civilization (any variant will do African/ Indian/ Oriental/ Western) for umpteen demonstration of this failing!

The OPMS approach, about which I often post, is particularly useful as an aid to help us confront our beliefs (where they may be mistaken - and even where they may be 'on the right lines', but 'improvable'); failings; failures.

I recall the late John N. Warfield (the originator of the modeling processes - indeed, of the whole process - embedded in the OPMS) telling me - when I wrote to him about the OPMS and how I proposed to use it - that the greatest difficulty I would face in future would be the opposition from many of those whom I might believe should and would be my first and best supporters; he also said that this would occur mainly because of their inability to confront, successfully, their own failures and failings.

I did not pay enough heed to that warning when he gave it (or my strategy would likely have been different).

Later, I found that - in India - my primary opposition was (and, in fact, still is!) from the famous 'Indian Institutes of Management' (IIMs), which is supposed to be one of the preeminent educational institutes in India. (There are eight or more such IIMs in various locations in India). This is a prominent example in the attachment ("Some Useful Missions") to the message I have just posted (not published yet) in my recent response to your and Kirby's previous posts at this thread; I do believe that this message is likely to be passed as it does not contain, I believe, any 'ad hominem' attacks.

(A qualifier to my claim above about the OPMS approach: one actually has to 'get into' the OPMS a bit to see/ experience this characteristic; it happens at somewhat a later stage than the stages I've sometimes illustrated).


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