Date: Oct 13, 2012 8:40 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: US teachers are overworked and underpaid

Robert Hansen (RH) posted Oct 13, 2012 6:36 AM:
> GS mentioned the pay for teachers
> in india, but how can they raise the pay for teachers
> in india if there are limited economic opportunities
> for the students who will be the future taxpayers.

My observations actually dealt with the fact that ALL salaries in India (and that includes teacher salaries as well) are mere fractions of salaries for equivalent work in the USA.

This does have something to do with 'limited economic opportunities' in general, but economic opportunities have in fact been booming in India over the past twenty-odd years. In fact, there have been reports appearing that, in some kind of complex 'reverse economic' flow, quite a number of US citizens have made their way here for jobs!

I recall that one former poster here, went so far as to claim that "Indians were in the habit of selling their children for less than the price of a water-buffalo" (or some equally repulsive idea along those racist lines). Thankfully (in my view, at least) we've not been hearing from that esteemed gentleman lately.

'Salary levels' in different countries are a very complex matter (which economists have not adequately understood yet - at least they've not explained it so that I've been able to understand). It is my belief that economics would become much less the 'dismal nonscience' it is currently if economists were to avail themselves of systems science in general to form their ideas and some expositions. Ah yes, there is some talk of 'systems' in economic discussions, but I believe there is little understanding of systems in fact.