Date: Oct 13, 2012 11:09 PM
Author: Robert Hansen
Subject: Re: US teachers are overworked and underpaid

On Oct 13, 2012, at 8:24 PM, Paul Tanner <> wrote:

> And you STILL have not told us whether your school is a charter school
> or some other special school. (But it seems to me I might recall that
> you have said some time ago that it is.)

I mentioned my school district a dozen times on this forum. In fact, you even mentioned it. It is a public school. All of the elementary schools in Florida have basically the same schedule. I have seldom (actually never) seen an elementary school have the students go from one classroom to another, except for that activity class (i.e. Music, Media, Art, etc.) each day, recess and lunch.

This has nothing to do with contracts. I drop my son off at school at 8:00 and pick him up at 2:30. He has one teacher, except for those three periods I have mentioned. Who here is familiar with elementary school age children having multiple teachers for general curriculum?

Bob Hansen