Date: Oct 17, 2012 2:45 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: In favor of teaching "dot notation"

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 11:22 AM, Joe Niederberger <
> wrote:

> Maybe "coffee.price" (coffee has a price) example will allow me to
> rephrase my original objection wit more clarity. "Dot" can signify any "to
> one" relationship in my opinion. Adding connotations like "contains" or
> "belongs to" or even "has" can be placed on particular uses of the dot, but
> dot in general is best left free of those.
> Joe N

I don't mind your wanting to keep "the dot" free of too much connotation in

You're like saying: don't let the OOP campers take total control of "dot"
connotations. I'm OK with that.

For us, the OOP campers, there's a hierarchy of containment, such that
"dot" obeys an algorithm.

"If I'm not in you, I'll search your parent, and if not in your parent,
I'll search your ancestors" -- there's a widening radius, a search pattern.

Lawyers might understand: "if you can't pay the debt, maybe your sponsor
can" and so on, up the line (looking for deep pockets).

The positive angle: you, the new object, are free to inherit most of your
functionality and just need to specialize in these few ways.

That's a power of this notation: to assume predecessors.

Again: STEM fluency is the issue. If you haven't been exposed to dot
notation, that means 12 years of high school with no dissection of an
in-your-face web browser. Madness. Means you're not aware of your
immediate environment. Means your school is a joke.

To put it more concretely, if you use a web browser and yet your school has
no courses that help you learn JavaScript, then stay home and learn for
real, as if your future depends on it.

If your school offers no help with learning say JavaScript, then I'd say:

"Your school is not really your friend, and is mainly day care for adults
(i.e. "the teachers"), you the victim, the guinea pigs.

If your school is really so lax as to be devoid of dot notation in general,
just don't go, fight instead"

-- that's my Silicon Forest mesage of the day (MOTD).

Paul should like my message as I'm not telling the misbehaving to mess with
his classroom experience. I'm advising them to stay home. No dot
notation? They're wasting your days. Join us. The cities have hungry
people. We are part of the solution.