Date: Oct 22, 2012 9:40 PM
Author: Haim
Subject: Re: Speachless In New York (or, another OMG moment)

Kirby Urner Posted: Oct 22, 2012 1:18 PM 
>I'd like to analyze your sense of outrage a bit more


You do not have to work so hard at this. You can just ask me, and I will glad to tell you. I am outraged that the Education Mafia have a shred of credibility left. I am outraged that they do not have the decency to resign en masse.

By their own words and deeds, as reported by the Gray Lady, the Education Mafia debunked one of their own cherished theories of education, long held and widely practiced. A theory of education that damned generations of children to stunted educations and sabotaged futures. And did I mention the cost? It was done at enormous public expense. Without even the hint of an apology, the Education Mafia are now implementing practices exactly the opposite of what they formerly touted as the key to a modern education.

Again, how can anybody with more than two brain cells in his head possibly take these people seriously? And it is all right there in the NY Times! At times like this I despair.

No representation without taxation.