Date: Oct 26, 2012 9:54 AM
Author: Jerry P. Becker
Subject: Issue of Jrnl of Research in Maths. Educ. Available

Sent at the request of Javier DIEZ-PALOMAR.
Dear all,

I am glad to tell you that the third issue of
REDIMAT - Revista de Investigación en Educación
Matemática [Journal of Research in
Mathematics Education] is already available at:

You may find the following articles by:

Carmen Batanero, Emilse Gómez, Luis Serrano,
José Miguel Contreras: Understanding of
Randomness by Prospective Primary School Teachers,

Anna Chronaki, Yannis Pechtelidis: 'Being Good'
at Maths: Fabricating Gender Subjectivity,

Laura McLeman, Eugenia
Vomvoridi-Ivanovic: Understanding the practices
of mathematics teacher educators who focus on
issues of equity,

Michael Voskoglou, Georgios D. Kosyvas: Analyzing
students' difficulties in understanding real

Best regards,

Javier Díez-Palomar
Chief editor
ISSN: 2014-3621; DOI prefix: 10.4471/redimat
Hipatia Press
c/Claramunt, num.4, local 2; 08030 Barcelona (Spain)

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