Date: Oct 28, 2012 1:11 AM
Subject: Re: Peer-reviewed arguments against Cantor Diagonalization

On Oct 28, 1:03 pm, wrote:
> On Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:49:32 PM UTC+2, JRStern wrote:
> > Are there any such published?
> > I can see in the archives here it's a common topic, and I have my own
> > crackpot theories which certainly overlap a lot of the more popular
> > objections.
> > I don't want to prove or assert or reject any statement about the
> > countability of reals, I just want to consider the validity of the
> > diagonalization argument.
> > Has anybody put that out in a refereed journal or a respectable
> > publisher? Even if it's just a prettier rejection of crank theories,
> > it would seem worthwhile.
> > Thanks,
> > J.
> Ask for Herc (Cooper), WM and other glorious local cranks who think (just
> a figure of speech) they have debunked Cantor, his theorems, his proofs
> and his theories.
> Of course, the only peer reviewed papers "against Cantor" could exist, SO
> FAR, in a journal abiding by the rules of Sumo in Tokio, Japan, and not by
> the rules of mathematics.
> Tonio

Thanks Tonio,

I should reciprocate the favor of mentioning my theories with a cite of your
famous formula to make infinity even bigger!

Then I choose the number 0.a_1a_2a_3...., where a_i = 0 if the i-th
number in your list had zero in its i-position, a_i = 1 otherwise.

That's what real number theory is based on! Believe it or not!


Here are 2 LIVE MACROS where you can WATCH MORE_THAN_1
Antidiagonal and Powerset being constructed!

Nobody has ever got that far, yet alone to Question 6!

HYPERREAL DIAGONAL (non-computable)
+ 0.1111111111... ANTIDIAG(DIAGONAL) (finite function)

i.e. the computable reals list is not missing any computable real.

ANTIDIAG() is FINITE --> no missing computable real
ANTIDIAG() is INFINITE --> no computable missing real


But really, if you want something peer reviewed just take an established
theory and add a clock or something and put some ZFC equations in it!
CONTINOUS <<OBJECT>> always get's rave reviews!