Date: Oct 28, 2012 1:04 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: Speachless In New York (or, another OMG moment)

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 9:46 AM, <> wrote:

> "Hitler was really happy with this new ally (said so publicly), a friend
> in the engine business. But this romance didn't last. Old Henry snapped out
> of it."
> You are factually wrong on each and every point, Kirby, but to get past
> the censors, this short reply will address only one. To claim that Hitler
> learned something from Ford (or worse, invented the VW) is about on par
> with claiming that Al Gore invented the internet.

My source is the historian Edwin Black. He did a pretty thorough study of
Henry Ford Sr.'s bout with anti-Semitism.

Ford was not an historian by training and was easily sucked in by the
Protocols of Zion nonsense that still circulates. Jewish bankers and blah

I'm not saying Hitler learned about the car business from Ford, just that
he was glad do have a major American industrialist blathering about the
world conspiracy of Jewish bankers and blah blah.

Then I was saying the bureaucrats running the labor-to-death camps were
advantaged by what counted as "high tech" in that day: IBM's miraculous
tabulating machines. Get a printout of all Jews in any city using punch cards!
A dream come true, if you're a bureaucrat. Americans are similarly
obsessed with check boxes, though they don't ask your religion I don't
think, care more about ethnicity (not that religions are not ethnicities --
they are, but not necessarily vice versa in common parlance).

> Ford did not go to Germany to help Germans or Hitler build cars, he went
> there to learn how to build cars. Our explosion in technology was not
> caused by aliens crashing in Roswell but by our capturing the German patent
> office. Even with that, Germany still exports almost five times as many
> cars as we do, and Japan, who also benefited by technology agreements with
> Germany, exports almost four times as many.

Ford-the-company makes lots of cars in Germany (our family owned a
couple, a Cortina and a Taunus -- we picked up the Taunus right from the
factory in Koln as I recall (we were living in Italy at the time)), many of
them for export. But I was never suggesting Germany was Henry's pupil when
it comes to engineering. I'm saying Hitler was happy to have a fellow
traveler there for awhile, when Henry was trying to put history together in
his head, and going through a maturation phase (many people never "snap out
of it").

> As an example of how poorly we implemented the technology, consider our
> freeways, which are cheap copies of German autobahns. We captured the
> basic design but forgot to read the simple operating instructions, so per
> mile, there are three times as many deaths per mile on our freeways than
> there are on German autobahns. My industry, the semiconductor industry,
> was completely operational in Germany prior to it being destroyed by WWII.
> Ditto for the rocket industry.

Didn't know semi-conductors was your industry. I had you pegged as a run
of the mill creationist Christian which means you barely know how to use an
ATM (just kidding, I'm sure you're great with an ATM). Did you work in a
fab plant or what?

> btw, Ford makes a LOT of money by manufacturing in Germany but loses
> $BILLIONS by manufacturing here, and our .iss poor education system is only
> partly to blame.

It's very convenient to have big losses when it comes time to calculate
taxes. Lots of big companies are going broke when Uncle Sam knocks at the
door, himself in rags, holding that begging bowl, debtor to the world.