Date: Nov 3, 2012 11:12 AM
Author: Haim
Subject: Re: RE: In Defense of the NRC's "Scientific Research in Education'"

Lou Talman Posted: Nov 3, 2012 1:21 AM 
>I'm not the least surprised that you have no need of the
>observation (n.b., "observation", not "hypothesis".
>You've included "ideologically driven" in your argument
>against your putative "Education Mafia"; that they are
>"ideologically driven", you say, is one of the sins for
>which they must be punished.

But, no.

I have never asserted that the Education Mafia should be punished because they are ideologically driven. They should be punished because they are inimical to public education.

Now, in the debate over public education, a large part of the debate is about urging the Education Mafia to do the right thing. My argument is that nobody will ever persuade the Education Mafia to do the right thing precisely because, in their lights, they are already doing the right thing. The policies and practices of the Education Mafia conform to their ideology. In other words, because they are ideologically driven they will never reform. Therefore, if we want reform we will have to hire somebody else.

If the ideology of the Education Mafia caused them to run an effective public education system, I would have no quarrel with them. In other words, they should be punished not because they are driven by ideology but because they are driven by the wrong ideology.

I know my words are sometimes extravagant, for dramatic effect. However, I have written a few times that I do not really care about punishing the Education Mafia. I just want them out of the public education business. They should clear their desks, pack their bags, turn off the lights, and go find gainful employment in some other line of work. After 60 yrs, it is abundantly clear they have no talent for education.

No representation without taxation.