Date: Nov 3, 2012 3:46 PM
Author: Robert Hansen
Subject: An Interesting Point

Recently on Dy/Dan's blog, someone posted...

"The biggest mistake that I see most students will be making with this type of abstract thinking is trying to understand what the problem is asking them to find. Deciding what information is useful and what is not is a big challenge for most students."

I have seen this statement, or something like it, dozens of times and never gave it much thought, till now. I suppose that the author(s) might be trying to say something else but it comes out this way. On a problem like this, I myself don't know what information is useful and what is not. Not until I recall or contrive an applicable model that leads to a solution. Until then, all of the information might be useful. It is only at that last instant when a solution pans out that the decision is made for me as to what information is useful and what is not.

The way this statement is worded and the fact that I have seen it so many times, I wonder...

Bob Hansen